Facebook Trick: Learn How To See Locked Or Private Profile On Facebook, Here's How

Often many Facebook profiles are locked or private. Because of this we are not able to see their profile page even if we want to. In today's digital era, many questions related to privacy have emerged in front of the world. In the last few years, many such cases have come to the fore in which a person's Facebook profile photo or any other picture of him was misused by downloading it from social media platform. In view of all these things, Facebook added the feature of Profile Lock in its app. The purpose of this feature is to protect the privacy of the users and their important data. On the other hand, often when we open the profile page of any of our friends or acquaintances, we are not able to access it due to being locked. In this episode, today we are going to tell about the way through which you can see locked or private profile on Facebook. Let's know -

If you want to see a person's locked profile, for this you have to send him a friend request. Only after that you will be able to see his Facebook profile page. Although there are many such third party apps on the Internet, through which you can see the locked profile photo of a person, but doing this is wrong. You should never resort to them. These third party apps claim to show the locked profile of the person concerned by taking money, but they do not actually work. 

Do not forget to install these apps on your smartphone and login. Your login ID and password can also be misused. The easiest way to see another person's locked profile is to become their friend. For this, a friend request has to be sent to the person concerned. Once that person has accepted your friend request, you will be able to easily view their locked profile.
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