How to prepare english for class XII term 2 exams 2021-22?

Among all subjects of class XII CBSE board, English is a vital one since it is a scoring subject which can yield great marks for you and ultimately, a great percentage. English, as a scoring subject is loved by two types of students mainly. First, those who scores a percentage of 95+ to add finishing to their percentage. Second, those who are on the border line of getting pass or fail.

Syllabus for english class XII for term 2 2021-22

Reading Comprehension: (Two Passages)
Unseen passage (factual, descriptive or literary/ discursive or persuasive)
Case Based Unseen (Factual) Passage

Creative Writing Skills:
Short Writing Tasks
- Formal & Informal Invitation Cards or the Replies to Invitation/s
Long Writing Tasks(One)
- Letter of Application for a Job
- Report Writing

Questions based on extracts/texts to assess comprehension and appreciation, analysis, inference, extrapolation

Book-Flamingo (Prose)
- The Rattrap
- Indigo

Book-Flamingo (Poetry)
- A Thing of Beauty
- Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

Book-Vistas (Prose)
- Should Wizard Hit Mommy?
- On the Face of It
- Evans Tries an O Level

How to cover syllabus effectively?

  • The reading comprehension needs practice, the more you practice the more you will develop an understanding of solving questions by finding their answers from the passage quickly. So, practice one passage daily from books that are preferred later in this post.
  • For the writing section, first study the format of invitation card, letter and report from a grammar book.
  • For the Prose(story) part of Flamingo, study each and every line of the chapters deeply and then try to answer the intext and exercise questions of every chapter in your own words and write down the answers in a notebook. After that, solve chapter wise questions of the individual chapters from the books preferred later in this post.
  • For the poetry part of Flamingo, first read every poem line by line and underline words that you don't know the meaning of and then write down their meanings from the internet(or other sources) right on the page. After that, watch a video of that poem in hindi on YouTube and then re-read that poem from the book. Try solving questions of the poem from the book exercise. After that, do poem wise questions from the books preferred later in this post.
  • For Vistas, repeat the prose(story) strategy of Flamingo.

Extra books to prefer?

What we suggest you at this moment is not to try to gulp every type of book available in the market. A very common disadvantage of many types of books from different different publishers in the market for students is that, students have a very hard time in choosing which book should they follow. We suggest you two books, Oswaal and Arihant. Solve the chapter wise question banks of these publishers, either both or of Oswaal only.

With this, we are ending this post here. We wish you the best of best of luck to you. And belive yourself, YOU CAN DO THIS!

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