Key Meeting of NCP Panel to Decide New Party President Amid Pawar's Resignation

The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) formed an 18-member committee to decide on the new national president of the party. The committee's key meeting is scheduled for Friday in Maharashtra. This comes after the surprise resignation of NCP chief Sharad Pawar on Tuesday, leaving his workers shocked. While there are speculations that the panel may urge Pawar to reconsider his resignation, he is unlikely to change his decision. Pawar stated that he stepped down for the future of the party and to create new leadership.

The panel may suggest the appointment of a working president to assist Pawar with routine work until the next Lok Sabha elections. However, according to state NCP President Jayant Patil, Pawar is firm in his decision. Patil shared with Pawar the sentiments of party workers, expressing his concern about the upcoming elections. 

There are reports that Pawar's daughter, Supriya Sule, might be appointed as the working president. She is the MP from Baramati and is likely to become the party's national chief, while Ajit Pawar will take charge of the Maharashtra unit. Party leaders believe that the mantle of NCP chief is likely to remain within the Pawar family. These leaders assert that appointing someone from outside the family might lead to power tussles and rifts within the party, which was formed in 1999. 

Sule, who is a three-term LS MP, is known for her effective parliamentary skills and her contacts with political leaders across the spectrum. On the other hand, Ajit Pawar is acknowledged for his ability to manage the state unit. Recently, he spoke about his dreams of becoming the chief minister, while Sule has always expressed her interest in national politics.

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