Sharad Pawar retracts resignation and remains as the chief of NCP

Sharad Pawar, the veteran leader of India's Nationalist Congress Party, has withdrawn his resignation as party chief after a panel tasked with choosing his successor rejected his decision to step down. In a press conference, Pawar expressed his respect for the feelings of the party workers who had demanded that he continue in his role. "I can't disrespect your sentiments," he said, adding that he would work for the party with renewed vigor and focus on making organizational changes.

Pawar also stated the need for a succession plan in the NCP and clarified the absence of Ajit Pawar, saying that the committee took the decision to reject his resignation and that all senior leaders were united in their discussions. The news of his withdrawal from resignation was greeted with celebrations by NCP supporters who raised slogans in praise of the party.

Pawar had previously surprised many with his announcement on Tuesday to step down as the president of the party he founded and headed since 1999 after leaving the Congress. However, after the rejection of his resignation, he has decided to continue leading the NCP.
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