Train Derails and Climbs Platform at Mathura Junction, No Casualties Reported

A train originating from Delhi derailed and ascended onto the platforms at Mathura Junction. This incident occurred on Tuesday night, involving an electrical multiple unit (EMU) train. Fortunately, there were no reported casualties, as confirmed by news agency PTI. The train's engine caused damage to a portion of the platform and an electric pole during the mishap. Videos shared by various news agencies depicted the train's engine in close proximity to the station's name board. The EMU came to a halt after mounting the platform and colliding with the electric pole.

SK Srivastava, the director of the railway station, stated to the news agency that the train was en route from Shakur Basti. He also mentioned that all passengers had disembarked from the train before the accident occurred.

In response to the incident, railway authorities have initiated a high-level investigation.

According to officials, the train arrived at Mathura Junction at 10.49 pm on Tuesday. After all passengers had disembarked, the train rolled along the tracks and climbed onto platform 2A before coming to a stop after colliding with the pole. A woman received an electric shock during the incident but received prompt first aid treatment.

The incident led to damage on a portion of platform 2A, impacting the movement of trains in that area. However, other services are reported to be operating as usual.

This incident comes shortly after a 12-year-old boy prevented a major accident in West Bengal by waving his red shirt to signal an approaching passenger train.

The locomotive pilot spotted the boy's signal and managed to stop the train in the nick of time using emergency brakes. PTI identified the teenager as Mursalin Seikh.

Sabyasachi De, Chief Public Relations Officer of Northeast Frontier Railway, provided insights, stating, "The boy named Mursalin Seikh, son of a migrant laborer from the nearby village, was also present in the yard with the railway staff. On noticing a rain-damaged portion under the tracks, the boy acted sensibly at that point of time and alerted the loco pilot of an approaching passenger train by waving his red shirt, along with other on-duty railway staff." This incident occurred last Thursday near the Bhaluka road yard.
Story written by Shaurya
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