Post at Stagpa

To become a Stagger (Author on Stagpa), kindly initiate your application by sending a request to
Upon receiving your request, one of Stagpa's moderators will promptly respond with the necessary form and details. This will include information such as your name, description, and payment method (currently, we support only UPI).
Once your application is approved, you can begin submitting your posts, with a title, body, and label, to
Our team of Stagpa moderators will carefully review each submission. If your post successfully passes all checks, it will be published, and you will be promptly notified.

If you have inquiries regarding your account balance on Stagpa, kindly send your request to
Each time you accumulate earnings reaching the threshold amount of ₹1000, the funds will be disbursed to your UPI account within a specified timeframe.
To know how Stagpa pays Staggers, visit Stagpa Platinum.

NOTE: If anytime, your account is suspended, please note that all pending payouts will be temporarily halted until the suspension is lifted. If your account is banned, any earned amount will be sent to your UPI, and you will no longer have the privilege to post on Stagpa.

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