Do we really need third party cleaner apps for Android?

If you are here, then I am sure you care about your Android Phone. Now, the question comes, "Is it necessary to download third-party applications to clean your phone? ".
Well, we will definitely get the answer to this question in this post. 

What do Cleaner Apps do in reality? 

So, every time you perform any task on your phone, very obviously, use an application, it creates some temporary files and stores them in your smartphone memory. These are called Junk Files and are of no use to you outside the application you were using. The task of these cleaner apps is to detect such type of files and clear or delete them from your device.

Do we need third-party apps for cleaning? 

Well, this depends on your smartphone manufacturer, Really? Yes, if your mobile phone has some inbuilt cleaner apps, you will not need any third-party app to be downloaded. Now, sometimes, these inbuilt cleaner apps are outdated and are not very effective in cleaning the junk files that are evolving with time. In that case, you for sure, need some third-party but well-reputed and safe applications. While downloading such apps make sure that you don't download APK files from the web, instead, use Google Play Store to download. This is important because, APK files downloaded from the Internet may contain malicious programs like malwares and viruses, that can damage your device. So the safest way to download them is from Google Play Store. Now, You might be wondering, which apps should I choose? So, I am going to make this task easy for you. Here below is the list of some authentic and widely used, reputed, and safe Cleaner apps. We have personally tested and used every application for enough time. 

Best Authentic Cleaner Apps for Android

1. Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is number 1 on our list. This application has been tested by our experts to be the best for all your needs. Avast Cleanup has the following features:-
  1. Quick Clean - Quickly detects and removes Junk files
  2. Boost - Kill Apps running in the background
  3. Tips - Gives you detailed information about your storage and battery drainer Apps
  4. Media - Analyze all your media files and categorize them

2. CC Cleaner

You will find it somewhat similar to Avast Cleanup in terms of UI. But, it has some more interesting features as compared to Avast Cleanup. This app can be more useful if in case, you are interested in more advanced level cleaning. Its features are mentioned below:-

  1. Optimize, Clean, and Master - Clean application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content, and more
  2. Reclaim Storage Space - Free up valuable storage space on your device
  3. Analyze Applications’ impact - Check which apps consume your data and battery
  4. Monitor your System - Check the usage of your CPU

3. Norton Clean

This Android phone cleaner app is developed by Norton, who is well-known in the security industry for its anti-virus tools. It is one of the best android cleaner apps without ads. You can trust the cleaner app for its efficiency as well as for safeguarding user privacy.

Norton says it has analyzed the junk file behavior of millions of apps and therefore removes junk files with accuracy. The cleaner for Android looks for residual files left behind by deleted apps, cache files, and more. It also allows users to remove pre-installed apps. On top of that, you will get recommendations to delete apps that you rarely use.

That's it. We don't want to confuse you with a lot more similar and not-so-different apps. You can download any one of the above-given applications but consider them according to the numbers given in this list.

We recommend you not to download any not-so-trusted application for cleaning purposes and why this can be dangerous is given below.

Why you should not download Untrustworthy applications for cleaning?

So, as you open cleaner apps after downloading and installing them, they require Access to Files & Storage permission, which is of course necessary for the app to function. After granting this permission to such apps, you have given them full access to add new files to your system or delete existing files freely and anytime without your permission. Now, as expectable, this can be seriously dangerous for you if, you grant this permission to unknown applications. That's why you should use only trusted and well-reputed apps for cleaning purposes and also from trusted sources like Google Play Store.

That's all for this post. Will meet you in another one with a new crispy and useful topic. Till then, let me know your thoughts in the comment section given below.

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